Allison Walker: Projects

Allison has nearly 20 years experience developing content underpinned by key messages for educational institutions in the cultural/heritage sector. Working from the big messages down to the minute details is one of her strongpoints. 

Recent work includes interpretation for Southwell Minster (opened October 2014), where she developed the interpretation and technology strategies, conducted research and did writing for the exhibition, audioscape and educational materials.

She has developed and written materials for interpretive learning trails for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for its public opening and also wrote text and created content for mobile phone apps such as the London 2012 Gardens for the Olympics.

She works extensively with curators, educators and researchers, revealing the nature of their work through exhibitions and multimedia. 

She freelances for exhibition design firms and has worked on key cultural projects in Berlin and Denmark, reinterpreting significant ethnographic and natural history collections. She has also worked on Middle Eastern projects for design firms Atelier Brueckner and Cultural Innovations.

 She also served as a dissemination officer for a large EU-funded network focussed on technology-enhanced learning, where she communicated the research of some 90 research labs across Europe for a broad range of audiences. In addition, Allison has extensive experience working in institutional strategic planning and communications, for such museums as the Danish Museum of Natural History, the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

She was recently a Visiting Lecturer in the Royal College of Art in the college's new Information Experience Design programme. She holds a BA in English Literature from Bryn Mawr College.

 Projects include:

Arctic Ambitions the Legacy of Captain Cook, Anchorage Museum

Avery Hill Winter Gardens, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Danish Natural History Museum master plan, Copenhagen

Library Gallery, London School of Economics

The Archbishop’s Palace at Southwell Minster, funded by the Heritage Lottery fund

Little Boxes of Memory, Entelechy Arts and the Museum of London, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

London 2012 Gardens web site and iPhone app for the 2012 Olympics

My Londinium, Museum of London

Atturaif Visitors Centre, Saudi Arabia

Bahrain National Monument, Bahrain

Humboldt Forum, Berlin

Kaleidoscope: Technology Enhanced Learning, funded by the EU’s Framework 7

Rose Center at the American Museum of Natural History, New York