Origin: late Middle English (in the sense 'representing many individuals'): from Old French collectif, -ive or Latin collectivus, from collect- 'gathered together', from the verb colligere.

[Oxford Dictionaries]

Our Story

We are a collective of experienced freelance interpretive planners and content developers for exhibitions and other narrative environments. Narrative Threads was formed in 2015 by Catherine Morton in association with Allison Walker. We came together to:

  • Share insights and resources, providing mutual support
  • Create a ‘front-door’ for new clients
  • Enable collaborations on larger projects
  • Animate and innovate through creative dialogue


We believe that

  • Narrative threads expand beyond words and text and are embodied in space and action, woven into the fabric of an experience
  • Collaboration is is a powerful creative tool
  • Each story is different and compelling
  • Narrative threads are teased out through a process of listening, dialogue and innovative thinking
  • Meaningful content is created through a rigorous method